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LET’S TALK!! What Was Your Worst Childhood Struggle And Trauma?
By on October 16th, 2022. Gist
A child’s bare feet on soiled ground

LET’S TALK!! What Was Your Worst Childhood Struggle And Trauma?

Even children experience trauma and struggles.


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One of the greatest struggles and trauma as a child is knowing you were born into a rich home, but all of a sudden everything vanishes then you have to start living like a pauper.


I mean, knowing that your father and mother were well to do while growing up, then one afternoon you come back from school and see your father sitting on the couch in the sitting room starring at a letter on the table while your mother consoles him as he sobs.


Your diet changes, way of life, mode of dressing and all the visitors who used to visit your home stop coming, because, “Iye Akpulu” wouldn’t be able to give them chicken, fish, drinks, food and some cash after their visit.


You no longer take lunch to school and your name comes up when they start calling out debtors in school. In fact you have to trek to school daily now because the car needed to be sold and your parents can’t afford to pay for school bus. Your uniforms are all “patch patch” cos mummy can’t afford a new one.


At this point, you begin to realize that your father who was highly respected in the community (because of his huge pockets and open-hands I guess?), Who had enough to care of the family’s need and also extended family members is no longer regarded because he can’t even afford to buy a goat and a carton of beer for a gathering.


Life begins to come at you and depression stays knocking at your door (Yes, even children get depressed). In fact, it badges into your life and you attempt suicide several times!


You never get to experience this “rich kid” vibes when it mattered most. You start feeling like you’re probably the bad luck of the family as you’re the last child and your elder siblings probably had the privilege to enjoy while it lasted.


This kind of struggle leaves a permanent scar on its victims. I’m a survivor and I’m proud of the scar I got from this struggle. It shaped me, molded and made me become the man I am today.


We never get to talk about these struggles, so we can be self conscious in order to plan and do better, that’s why it’s now like a continuous cycle.


“Yes, life no balance, but with some conscious moves e go jig”


To those who can relate, what steps are you taking so it won’t be a continuous cycle?


Let’s talk so we can learn and grow!

What Was Your Worst Childhood Struggle And Trauma? – Tell Us

Let’s hear from you all as regards this.


Drop your comments below.





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